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Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse

Title: Fast facts for the Radiology Nurse

Authors: Valerie Grossman (editor)

Publisher: Springer Publisher Company New York 2014

Pages:  296

ISBN Number: 978-0-8261-2936-9


Kim Kilpikoski

Nurse Unit Manager

Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and PET Departments

Nepean Hospital NSW


This guide to radiology nursing provides comprehensive information about this emerging specialty in a concise format designed for speedy information retrieval. Written for both practicing nurses and new orientees, it outlines general procedures and protocols, along with requisite information for patient care in specialized areas of radiology. It discusses care for all patient populations including morbidly obese, paediatric, geriatric, and oncology and addresses vascular access, infection control, teamwork, and sterile technique in the radiology setting. The book encompasses over 50 different IR procedures, and describes emergency situations in radiology and how to respond to them.


With an emphasis on inter-professional care, the book demystifies complex procedures and includes clinical “”pearls”” from seasoned experts in radiology nursing. The book’s “”Fast Facts”” format features consistently organized chapters, bulleted information “”at a glance,”” an introduction, objectives, and summary in each chapter, and case studies to reinforce radiological interventions. The guide will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of radiology, emergency, and clinical care nurses as well as new orientees.


This is an American based textbook so there is variations in medications and legal issues that are not relevant to Australia.


The text provides a thorough discussion on the many procedures that are performed in Medical Imaging

Reviewers comments:

I recommend this book for nurses wishing to expand their knowledge of procedures that nursing staff are involved in radiology. The text provides an understanding about the intricacies of working within a multidisciplinary team environment. The experienced radiology nurse will find this a useful resource. The new nurse, beginning their career in radiology would definitely find the text beneficial as it provides a comprehensive guide to the why and how. It provides an orientation and nursing guide in a nutshell.

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