Termination of Trauma Nursing Core Course and Emergency Nursing Paediatric Course (ENA USA)

As a result of Administrative and Business decisions by ENA (USA), ACEN will no longer be offering the TNCC or ENPC programs within Australia and New Zealand.

The current Board of Directors of ACEN have reviewed the most recent TNCC Provider program version 9 and ENPC Provider program version 6 courses developed by ENA USA and their respective Administrative Procedures. In our opinion neither the ENPC nor TNCC new versions reflect international practice but heavily focus on United States practice. The proposed delivery of the courses does not support our preferred educational delivery models. 

It is with great sadness that after a collaborative partnership lasting over 30 years with ENA USA, the ACEN Board has chosen not to continue its professional liaison with ENA USA. ENA business practices no longer align with the standard of professional and business practices of ACEN.

ACEN as a professional organisation will no longer conduct, support, or recommend educational programs throughout Australia and New Zealand offered by the ENA USA.

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